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Ravin R18 Crossbow Review

A Comprehensive Guide to the Ravin R18 Crossbow: Features and Performance

2023 brings an exciting new creation by Ravin Crossbows that many seasoned hunters never thought was possible.

An 18", high-velocity, vertical limb crossbow package that weighs a mere 6lbs total.

Yes, this engineering marvel really does exist, and it's called the Ravin R18 crossbow.

2023 Ravin R18 Crossbow Package

Let's not forget to mention the Ravin R18 shoots a bone-splitting 330FPS (feet per second) which is plenty of power to knock-down any wild game you choose to pursue.

This package is not just for looks; it is a tactical hunting tool designed for the highest level of hunter success.

Featuring a 16" bolt at a total grain of 350, the R18 is primed for an ethical pass-through.

The full Ravin R18 package comes with 3 bolts and field points included so you are ready to hunt.

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Ravin R18 Crossbow Review - Compact Design

Why Choose The Ravin R18 Crossbow?

The Ravin R18 crossbow package utilizes the new and first-of-its-kind VertiCoil Cam System for next-level performance in a compact design.

The R18 is the shortest Ravin ever engineered at just 25 inches in total length, making it the perfect crossbow package for hunters on the move.

The VertiCoil Cam System rotates the ultra-small cams a stunning 720 degrees.

Coiling the strings and cables around the cam and cam axle allowing an axle-to-axle height of just 1.3 inches cocked or 4.1 inches when un-cocked, with a static overall width of just 4.75”.

Ravin R18 Review - Worth the Investment

Ravin R18 - Innovation Meets Performance

The Ravin R18 is a takedown style crossbow with first-ever limbs that expand vertically, shooting a super-fast 330 feet per second.

The R18 by Ravin Crossbows includes a detachable stock with an integrated removable quiver system, making the length a very short 18″ with the stock removed.

The ultra-unique 6-pound crossbow features the new Ravin 3-Dot Reflex Sight for easy target acquisition, and includes the Ravin built-in cocking mechanism, allowing for an easy and safe draw while hunting in a ground blind or tree stand.

R18 Crossbow Review - Innovation Meets Performance

Ravin R18 Crossbow Features:

  • 330 FPS
  • Weight: 6 LBS
  • Length:18” Without Stock, 25” With Stock
  • Height Axle to Axle Cocked: 1.3”
  • Height Axle to Axle Uncocked: 4.1”
  • Overall Width: 4.75”
  • Power-Stroke: 13”
  • Kinetic Energy: 85 FT LBS
  • Draw Effort: 12 LBS
  • Draw Weight: 250#
  • Color: Black
  • Ravin Item Number: R080
Ravin R18 Crossbow Review - New Features

Ravin R18 Crossbow Includes:

  • VertiCoil Cam System
  • Detachable Stock/Quiver
  • Fully Assembled/Pre-Tuned
  • 3 – 16” .003 350 Grain R18 Arrows with Field Points
  • 1 – Removable Draw Handle
  • Ravin 3 Dot Reflex Sight
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Sling Mounts
Ravin R18 Crossbow Review - Package Includes

Enjoy The Benefits of The Next-Gen Ravin R18

On our website, we offer all the new 2023 Ravin Crossbow packages for you to purchase and experience the best crossbow technology available in today's market.

Ravin has continued to impress its users with elite power, accuracy and ready-to-hunt crossbow packages.

We will continue to provide you with the information and experience you need to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing your new crossbow.

Happy Hunting,

- Oak Ridge Supply

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