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Ravin R5X Crossbow Review

If you've been sleeping under a rock for the past 5 years you may not have noticed, but Ravin Crossbows is one of the world's top leading manufactures of supreme crossbow engineering.

Ravin has continued to set the standard for high-end crossbow performance with legendary features and one-of-a-kind designs season after season.

2023 is yet another banner year for Ravin as they have released what most crossbow lovers would call "the R15 revived" package, dubbed the Ravin R5X.

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Ravin R5X Review - 400 FPS Crossbow

Why Choose the Ravin R5X?

This unique new R5X crossbow package upgrades the standard and bullpup styles of past Ravin models, combining a super-compact front end with a newly designed stock that includes an adjustable cheek pad and buttstock.

The new-age result is a tactical, all epic, HeliCoil Technology-powered crossbow that shoots blazing speeds of 400 FPS with new and fully integrated silent cocking included.

Truly a revolutionary crossbow package at an affordable price point you will love to own.

Ravin R5X Review - Worth the Investment

Ravin R5X - Innovation Meets Performance

The Ravin R5X measures just 31” long and 5.75” axle-to-axle width when fully cocked, making it compact, fast and ready to hunt right out of the box.

The R5X crossbow by Ravin makes it comfortable for you to hunt in the tight spaces of a tree stand or ground blind and is light enough to carry on a full day hunt while executing the perfect stalk.

Utilize Ravin's newest technologies to your advantage and make this hunting season the most successful one yet.

Enjoy breakneck speeds, pinpoint accuracy and legendary performance from one of the best new crossbow packages available in today's market.

Engineered for serious crossbow hunters who demand the absolute best features for hunting.

Ravin R5X Review - Innovation Meets Performance

Ravin R5X Crossbow Package Features:

  • 400 FPS
  • Weight: 6.7 lbs.
  • Length: 31”
  • Width Axle to Axle 5.75” Cocked
  • Width Axle to Axle 9.25” Un-cocked
  • Power-Stroke: 9.5”
  • Kinetic Energy: 142
  • Draw Effort: 12 lbs.
Ravin R5X Review - Crossbow Package Features

Ravin R5X Crossbow Package Includes:

  • HeliCoil Technology
  • Fully Assembled/Pre-Tuned
  • Adjustable Cheek Pad
  • Adjustable Buttstock
  • 3 – Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Tips (400 Grain Total)
  • 1 – Removable Draw Handle
  • 1 – Quiver/Mounting Bracket
  • 100 Yard Illuminated Scope
  • Built-In Cocking Mechanism
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
  • Built-in Sling Mounts
  • Color Choice: Stealth Black or King's XK7 Camo
  • Ravin 5-Year Warranty
  • R5X Owners Manuel
Ravin R5X Review - Crossbow Package Includes

Enjoy The Benefits Of Ravin Technology.

On our website, we offer all the new 2023 Ravin models for you to purchase and experience the best crossbow technology available in today's market.

Ravin has continued to impress its users with elite power, accuracy and ready-to-hunt crossbow packages.

We will continue to provide you with the information and experience you need to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing your new crossbow.

Happy Hunting,

- Oak Ridge Supply

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